Welcome to the site of the Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow Election.

In accordance with the university’s Miscellaneous Regulations, voting in the 2018 election closed on Sunday, May 20, 2018. Michael Warren ’90 B.A. was elected the next alumni fellow of the Yale Corporation, the university’s governing board. Read the YaleNews announcement.

For information about the Alumni Fellow Election, voter eligibility, and the role of the Yale Corporation, please use the navigation links above.

The Alumni Fellow Election is managed by the secretary of the university on behalf of the Association of Yale Alumni. The process is guided by the Miscellaneous Regulations of the Yale Corporation and the University Charter.

Nomination by Petition

Read the university statement on the Alumni Fellow petition process.

Update: The deadline for submitting a signature in support of a nominee by petition has now passed.

To submit your signature and credentials in support of a nominee by petition as a candidate for Alumni Fellow on the 2019 Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow ballot, please visit the Nomination by Petition website and follow the instructions. Only signatures of Qualified Electors* accompanied by name, degree, year of degree, and school affiliation will be valid. The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 1, 2018. Late submissions will not be counted. Only one signature per Qualified Elector will be recorded. Please note that your name will be shared with the petition nominee.

Signatures of Qualified Electors accompanied by the information listed above will also be accepted by email at alumnifellowelection@yale.edu or by mail at the address below. Submissions must be received in the Office of the Secretary by 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 1, 2018. 

Alumni Fellow Election
Office of the Secretary
Yale University
P.O. Box 208230
New Haven, CT 06520-8230

*Per the University Charter and Miscellaneous Regulations, all graduates of Yale College who have held their degrees for five years or more, all alumni of the graduate and professional schools, and all individuals who hold Yale honorary degrees are eligible to vote in the Alumni Fellow Election and/or provide a signature in support of a nominee by petition.